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Pronexus Analytical

Is a preclinical contract research organization (CRO) offering advanced services and collaborative projects focused on PK/PD studies of experimental models of CNS and metabolic disorders. Contact: Jan Kehr, PhD., Professor, CEO www.pronexus.se

Novandi Chemistry

Novandi Chemistry offers a comprehensive carbon-14, tritium and stable labeling service and acts as a hub for non-regulatory and regulatory compliant studies with radiolabeled compounds and drug candidates. The company offers a long-term responsibility for radioactive labeled substances through storage, continuous quality control and repurification service.
Contact: Johan Sandell, PhD., CEO. Peter Ström, MSc., Chairman of the Board


Histolab Products was founded in 1965 and is today the leading provider of comprehensive solutions for research and clinical laboratories in cell diagnostics throughout Sweden and Europe. Histolab works with leading suppliers and have extensive experience and knowledge of the line of business and the products and can offer competent quality-efficient and customized solutions.

Acturum Biovation

Laboratories and equipment – world-class!
In Biovation Park you find Swedish research groups and companies, financed by both the private sector as well as Governement-funded. The park has top notch laboratories and equipment. As a tenant here you are part of a bigger network in a very dynamic and stimulating environment.
Contact: Anders Andersson.  info@acturum.se

Karolinska Institute

Robert Harris, PhD., Professor.
Department of Clinical Neuroscience, The Karolinska Institute, Sweden.

University Hospital Oslo

Nenad Bogdanovics, MD., PhD., Professor
University Hospital Oslo, Norway

Adlego Biomedical

Adlego Biomedical is a GLP-certified CRO that support early-staged drug developing companies with DMPK studies, proof-of-concept studies in eg preclinical efficacy models for cancer and inflammation, and regulatory safety studies.